World Class Circuit Bending, Experimental Instruments, Music & Video

About Waterhed

I began circuit bending and building weird sound circuits in 1999 after reading up on it at Q. Reed Ghazala's website Anti-Theory. I had been searching for new sounds to use in the experimental, abstract music I compose for my short films..

Skills Include:

  • Circuit Bending
  • Custom Circuit Building
  • Pxl 2000 Restoration
  • Videography
  • Song Writing
  • Experimental Music
  • Recording
  • Video


Creating modified sound devices that spark the imagination, with a vision that cannot be taught, and must be personally experienced.


Hundreds of sales over the past 16 years including modified toys and synthesizers to amateur and professional musicians worldwide, some well known musicians that use my gear include Mike Patton, Mark Mothersbaugh, Morgan Fisher, Mark Hoppus, The Moog Cookbook, Bill T. Miller,,Vernon Reid, and many others.


Ever-advancing my skills and perspective, I'm only as good as the videos and sounds created with my bentstruments..


Creating bends unique to my personal style and individual techniques for

other musicians and film makers to employ.

Like what you see?

Let my cameras and bentstruments expand your arts.