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Custom Hand Built Photo-Theremin Noise Synthesizers

  • Photo Theremin Sample0:18
  • Crackillator1:00

These Theremins I create are based on the Lumens Photo Theremin and have been around for many years. To operate simply plug into some effects if you'd like and output to amp, place under a bright light source and flip the switch on. You can change the pitch, drastically ranging thru several pitches from very high to grumbling low by adjusting the amount of light shining on the CDS cell. The knob allows you to dial in the depth of pitch you desire. Each one is unique in that they are all mounted in old toys, etc, making each aone of a kind creation. They may be played in total darkness using a flashlight, remote, any light source. I can build a theremin and mount it in your favorite toy, robot, orb,etc for $45 plus return postage.

BenTstruMents Opto-Photo Theremins: (Light Responsive Noise Oscillators)