World Class Circuit Bending, Experimental Instruments, Music & Video

Milton Bradley Max Backtalk

Modified Super Nintendo

with Super Gameboy

and Gameboy Camera

Tyco Hot Lixx

Mattel Magical Musical Thing

Yamaha DD-5 Drum Machine

Casio DG-1 Guitar Synth

Modified Nintendo Gameboy


  • Electronic Ozone Removal3:12

Modified Commodore 64

Extremely Rare VIntage knight Electronic Bongos KG-391

Tyco Cool Keys Ribbon Synth

WOW Soung Gizmo

Modified Commodore 64C

with Cynthcart Synthesizer

Assorted Cool Toys and Misc Bent Gear

Yamaha DD-5 Drum Machine

Worlds of Wonder



Electro Harmonix Space Drum

Realistic Electronic Reverb