World Class Circuit Bending, Experimental Instruments, Music & Video

So-Gnar Sonar Records

"Welcome to the Future Of Space Pop, Intergalactic Experimental, Abstract, Ambient Sounds made with a multitude of modified toys, real instruments, found sounds, as well as circuit bent weirdness for that NEW Now Sound going down!"

All original music created with circuit bent toys,

keyboards, guitars, synthesizers, vintage Ludwig drums, Moog Mg-1, Casio Sk-1 and Sk-5.

"Beautiful, even transcends the normal, ab-normal bin" -Bill Miller of

Side Projects Waterhed Has Recorded With

  • 60 years gone3:17
  • Drifting Within4:11
  • Blinded Soundz2:35
  • Blue Sunshine2:58
  • Wooden Batteries3:32
  • All Frontin1:57
  • Casio Dreams3:17
  • We Came In Thru The Ceiling4:34
  • Shouldnt Even Cuz its Odd2:59
  • Take Us Surfing5:05
  • Son of Afro5:17
  • Soul Mobile5:21
  • Driving To Cloyds14:16
  • Cars (Gary Numan Cover)2:45
  • Found Underground1:14
  • Captain Circuitry Waynes Thru Space5:53
  • The Tainted Lab Vial2:38
  • Brightlite3:23
  • Nothin From Nothin2:59
  • Good Advice4:34
  • 5:06

Music Creations by Waterhed