World Class Circuit Bending, Experimental Instruments, Music & Video

So-Gnar Sonar Records

All original music created with circuit bent toys,

keyboards, guitars, synthesizers, vintage Ludwig drums, Moog Mg-1, Casio Sk-1 and Sk-5.

"Beautiful, even transcends the normal, ab-normal bin" -Bill Miller of

Side Projects Waterhed Has Recorded With

  • 60 years gone3:17
  • Drifting Within4:11
  • Blinded Soundz2:35
  • Blue Sunshine2:58
  • Wooden Batteries3:32
  • All Frontin1:57
  • Casio Dreams3:17
  • We Came In Thru The Ceiling4:34
  • Shouldnt Even Cuz its Odd2:59
  • Take Us Surfing5:05
  • Son of Afro5:17
  • Soul Mobile5:21
  • Driving To Cloyds14:16
  • Cars (Gary Numan Cover)2:45
  • Found Underground1:14
  • Captain Circuitry Waynes Thru Space5:53
  • The Tainted Lab Vial2:38
  • Brightlite3:23
  • Nothin From Nothin2:59
  • Good Advice4:34
  • 5:06

Music Creations by Waterhed

"Welcome to the Future Of Space Pop, Intergalactic Experimental, Abstract, Ambient Sounds made with a multitude of modified toys, real instruments, found sounds, as well as circuit bent weirdness for that NEW Now Sound going down!"