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Here we have a custom built Photo-Cell expression controller for Moogerfoogers and other effects pedals, its also perfect for Lovetone and others.

You control it by raising/lowering your hand over the opto lens, this works similarly to moving your foot up or down on an expression pedal.

Simply plug into one of your Moogerfoogers expression input jacks to control that parameter.

You can add flexibility by using a stereo cable to connect it to your Moogerfooger into any of the inputs that accept an expression pedal.

There is a short video below that demonstrates the controller being used, this one works exactly as the one in the video except its a right angle jack rather than straight. You can use the knobs to set the range of the parameter youre controlling as well. High quality and built to last.

I designed these to work with Moogerfooger and Lovetone effect pedals but they work well with other pedals from Electro-Harmonix, Boss, etc.

Effect Pedal Photo-Cell Expression Controller