World Class Circuit Bending, Experimental Instruments, Music & Video

If you want to truly enjoy the benefits of a circuit bent instrument, the Casio sampling keyboards are the most versatile, usable, inspirational ceative stations in the genre.  

Ive added a seperate precision pitch oscillator, the LTC1799 that offers huge range of control over the pitch.
It includes an opto lens mounted that allows for awesome theremin type of pitch work when used in conjunction with the pitch oscillator.

It also has a strobing led with 3 position switch that adds modulations and pulsations.

 In addition, it has 10 glitch switches that add strange modulations, computer brain waves, insect sounds, strange drum beats, chaotic bass, syncopated rhythms, flanging, echo, looping, the effects go on and on for truly incredible combinations only limited by your imagination.

Ive added a control knob, which allows you to dial out the dog bark  in some patches. It also acts as a glitch control at its peak. I've added a soft reset button as well.
All keys and buttons are nicely in place, this keyboard is in great condition.

Ive also chosen to leave the onboard speaker intact so you can use it on the go or anywhere youd rather not drag your amplifier, a huge convenience factor
and have added a closed circuit 1/4" output jack so you can connect to your amp, pa, etc, the onboard speaker is muted when you plug in a standard cable.

Youll enjoy creating tons of new compositions with this if youre into experimental,  dreamy, robot, computer rock soundscapes and ambient noise not to mention beautiful soundscapes as well, virtually whatever youre into.

This is a very smooth soundscape creator that fully retains all of the incredible SK-5 original features.

Circuit Bent Casio SK-5 Sampling Keyboard