Modified PXL 2000 Operational Instructions

Modified PXL 2000 Operational Instructions

The info that follows will help you become acquainted with your modified/circuit bent pxl 2000,
      Be sure to read over it a couple of times and/or print it out for future reference.
            Simply disregard any of the mods below if they dont apply to your camera.
1) Light adjustment knob- simply rotate the knob one way or another to introduce either more or less light.
2) Dual frame freeze button- push the button while moving the camera or subject to obtain strange freeze action visuals
3) Freeze strobe body contact- touch your finger across the CHROME BUTTONS for freeze frame action, touch them rapidly
while shooting action for strobe, move camera or subject quickly for blurred freeze and other effects.
4) Bleed switch- flip the switch on (up) for extreme visual bleeds and other cool effects.
5) RCA audio & video output jacks- use to connect to camcorders, vcr's, pc's etc (audio left, video right)
6) Internal Digital Signal Amplifier- this is the slide switch located above the cassette door. Amp is ON when
        forward TOWARDS THE LENS.  Use this setting when recording with a digital camcorder or connecting to your pc. Amp is OFF when
        in the rear position, keep the amp off when recording to the onboard cassette tape.
     To get started, connect your pxl2000 to your vcr so you can view the live signal on your tv and get a visual on
the way your camera works and reacts to different lighting as well as the effects that the modifications create.
     Press record and play and the camera is live, the little remote trigger on the back of the handle is only used to
start and stop the cassette recording.
      When not recording to cassette the batteries will last substantially longer than in a conventional Pxl. The key
to obtaining great shots with your new camera is experimentation and more experimentation, with a little experience
and creativity the boundaries are limitless.


                             Tips for smoothest operation and best results: Pxl2000 Kids CaMcorder
                      Once acquainted with your modified camera the controls will be easy to remember.

1) Use only 90 minute type II high bias cassette tapes for highest quality playback.
2) When holding the camera AS IF YOU"RE SHOOTING, the added RCA Jack on the left is audio and on
the right is video. You no longer use the original recessed RCA jack unless youre connecting to your TV with an RF Modulator switchbox
3) the little switch above the onboard RF jack switches the camera from
channel 3 or 4.
4) there is an onboard light meter that will cause the red light in the
viewfinder to come on when ambient lighting is too bright or too dark.
5) the same little red light in the viewfinder will start blinking TO INDICATE THE BATTERIES
6) Never DROP OR let you camera get damp.
7) Never take your pxl apart, they ARE easily ruined and opening them up voids the warranty.
8) ALWAYS make sure you hear an audible click when closing the cassette
door as this accounts for a large majority of bad playback problems WHEN NOT FULLY LATCHED.
treat your camera with extreme care.
10) If you want to get an ac adapter it must be rated 12vdc, 500ma with a center ground.
Using any other ac adapter can ruin your camera immediately so make sure its correct.
11) Lastlyl, use your camera and get some experience with it connected to your tv, THIS WILL HELP YOU familiarize yourself with how it works. While testing, try different lighting ,light knob settings, flipping switches,etc.

And as with any camera, lighting is truly the key to great shoots

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