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Complete list of mods available for PXL 2000 Cameras

1) Brightness level adjustment that allow the user to either lighten or darken the image, simply turn the knob left or right to dial it in to your match your ambient lighting.

2) Multi frame freeze button that will multiple frames, and combine them in staggered form until the button is released

3) Bleed switch that when turned on will cause the image on the screen to bleed down creating a hazy candlewax melting


4) Body contacts(2 chrome buttons),  when you touch both simultaneously, the image will freeze on the screen allowing for stop motion, blurring effects, or when touched rapidly will deliver a strobe effect

5) RCA audio and video output jacks that allow you to conveniently record externally.

6) 1/8" microphone input jack that allows any mic to be plugged into the camera. The onboard mic shuts off when the mic jack is in use.

7) The remote trigger allows the operator to either fade in or out

8) Multi-Image fuzz knob that splits the screen in 2,3, or 4 sects of a shot.

The sound is unaffected by any of the switches so you can keep the dialogue rolling and simply effect the image.