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Sanwa Sanpix 1000 (PXL 2000 Clone)

Identical to the Pxl 2000 in every aspect other than the sticker and the channel you set it to on the television.

In October of 2001 there was a frenzy within the Yahoo Pxl 2000 group in regards to a foreign camera identical to the Fisher Price Pxl 2000, only this was the Sanpix1000.

I was lucky enough to find one, brand new in sealed box, on eBay that same week for $90 + $25 postage from Belgium.

It turns out that the same company that made the pxl2000 for Fisher Price reissued the design in the early to mid nineties & only marketed them in foreign countries, they work on channels 1 or 2 which requires them to be modified with audio and video output since we receive on CH. 3 & 4.

I havent seen another for sale since. Ive fully modified and circuit bent this unit by now, its the camera i employ in my films, keep youre eye open!.