• Bent Speak & Math1:21

Here we have a custom circuit bent Texas Instruments Speak & Math.

Same voice as the Speak & Spell.

 Operates as a totally normal speak and math until you flip a glitch switch or turn a dial, etc.

Very fun to play, no right or wrong way to it, this bent talking synth is capable of tons of new sounds for you to record, sample or play live.

Ive added all the bells and whistles, the mods ive chosen for this unit are very stable, its simple and fun to play.

 The mods ive added include:

1) Tone Oscillator button-creates a tone when depressed, the tone can then be manipulated with the theremin pitch cell, pitch dial or pitch body contacts.

2) Active Matrix Glitch-This mod opens up the membrane for random glitching dependent on where you touch the pad.

3) Ramble Glitch-Flip this switch and hit go and itll spew constant ramblings on and on and on and on.........

4) Dual voice glitch- causes it so speak In both a high and low voice at the same time.

5) Pitch Changing Body Contact-Touch this to lower the pitch, the harder you touch the further the change.

6) Pitch Changing Dial-Use this pitch wheel to change the pitch from spaceman high to gutteral, super slow mo low.

7) Reset Button-Use this when youre ready for a change and the machine is rambling on its own, also serves as an OFF button.

8) Theremin Opto Cell Controller-Simply flip the switch, use the pitch dial to fine tune and you can play any sound emmitting from the speak like a theremin, makes for some great effects.

9) Loop Switch with Advance Button-FLip this switch at any time to catch a sound that you can then mold and play with the other controls such as the opto cell and pitch dial.

10) Strobing LED for cool effect

Theres also a 1/4" output jack so you can run this into your effects, amp, pa, etc.

These added mods add tons of versatility and creative avenues for your playing, recording and experimenting pleasure.

Experimental Droning Aleatoric Talking Noise Synth

Texas Instruments Circuit Bent Speak & Math

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