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Circuit Bent Texas Instruments Touch & Tell

Includes these bends:

1)push-button for easy remote on

1) reset switch

1) 1/4" out jack with vol control knob

1) brass ball body contact used to drop the pitch lower the harder its pressed

1) opto light sensitive theremin controller with on/off switch

1) strobing LED

3) control pad activation switches to override the picture mats

1) looping glitch

1) fuzz switch

4) glitch switches that create all types of random sounds, words, sentences they work in conjunction with one another

1) depth control pot to drop the speed and pitch way, way, down.

THIS unit also comes with great new graphics and paint. Very talkative toy, much like the speak and spells but this has a greater bank of sounds and some very interesting seemingly endless possibillities. original picture templates and cartridges may still be utilized in this machine

Circuit Bent Texas Instruments Touch & Tell

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